PatientTracker: It’s Everywhere You Need To Be
With PatientTracker your entire staff can visually track patients throughout any operatory in your office or clinic, page any required health care professional, and much more.

Spend a few moments to learn about PatientTracker’s easy-to-use screens. For a closer, more detailed look, click on any of the links below.
Main Screen Close-up Waiting Room Close-up The Main Screen Takes Main Stage
The Main Screen is the nerve center of PatientTracker — the screen you see in every operatory that guides you through your busy day. It can be broken down into four sections:

Waiting Room
The moment a patient registers at reception, the clock starts ticking in your virtual Waiting Room.

Each patient is represented by a progress bar. What’s more, an unlimited number of patients are sorted by longest wait (at the top) to shortest (on the bottom). This makes it convenient to see who most urgently needs assistance.

As a helpful option, each patient can be associated with a specific health care professional, under First Assistant. Should a patient require the attention of multiple individuals, this area allows each health care professional to see who is currently attending to that patient.

The clock rolls back to zero as soon as a patient is escorted from the Waiting Room into a real-world Operatory. In PatientTracker, users can create and name up to 36 Operatories (ie. X-Ray, Surgery, or Hygiene).

Any health care professional in your office can see the wait time of any patient in an Operatory at any time. Just as in the Waiting Room, each patient is represented by a progress bar (which has been dragged into a designated Operatory).

Whether a patient requires the attention of one or more health care professionals at a time — or separately for different services — PatientTracker can be used to specifically page any and all necessary parties to their next destination.

And say a health care professional is expected in several Operatories? PatientTracker automatically prioritizes to the oldest page, unless it is manually re-ordered.

Avatar Store
Yes, there’s even room for a little fun with PatientTracker.

Each health care professional gets to show his or her individuality by choosing a cool Avatar. These are icons that represent every professional in the virtual clinic of PatientTracker and are each accompanied by a one-of-a-kind sound used for paging.

The Health Care Professionals section of the Avatar Store serves a dual purpose: It displays each professional that is currently available to be paged, and allows those individuals to receive and open messages on-screen (See Message Screen).

The Services section of the Avatar Store displays icons for any services provided by your clinic (ie. Anesthesia), accompanied by specific alert sounds used for paging.

Get Your Message Across
PatientTracker opens up a new line of communication in your office or clinic with its helpful Messages screen.

Office notes have a tendency to pile up, but the Message screen is a clutter-free way for health care professionals to send or receive brief interoffice messages, and receive phone/fax messages.

Messages can be sent and read from any PC where the PatientTracker Main Screen appears in two ways: By clicking on the recipient’s Avatar OR by selecting his or her name from the Tools Messages menu at the top of the screen. A Message screen immediately pops up. And once sent, the recipient is alerted to the message by his or her own paging tone.

Checking messages is just as simple. A number appears at the upper right corner of a health care professional’s Avatar when he or she receives a message. The number reflects how many messages that individual has received.

Adding Patients Doesn’t Take Patience
Nothing could be faster than adding a newly arrived patient to the PatientTracker Main Screen.

A swift click to the Waiting Room section opens an Add New Patient screen, where your receptionist has the option to enter the patient’s name, procedure, and first assistant. Hit OK, and that patient’s progress bar starts automatically in the Waiting Room section.

If things are especially hectic, PatientTracker even offers a shortcut. Once an Add New Patient screen is opened, your receptionist need only hit OK to add “New Patient 1” to the Waiting Room section of the Main Screen. An infinite number of “New Patients” can be entered — surely, some days it may seem possible!— and details can be added as time permits.

Sometimes It Helps To Be Specific
Through the course of the day, it may be necessary for a health care professional to share notes with colleagues concerning a patient.

By simply clicking on that patient’s progress bar — in either the virtual Waiting Room or Operatories section of the Main Screen — a Patient Details screen opens automatically. Information can then be added to the Procedure Description box.
See Our Detailed User Guide!
On the support page you will find information on easy installation, setup, and tips on optimizing your Patient Tracker software.