PatientTracker: Manage Your Daily Workflow...Virtually
With Patient Tracker, one computer application is, quite simply, the most powerful remedy for the chaotic pace of a typical healthcare office or clinic.

With Patient Tracker, one computer application can do it all: Track the location and waiting time of patients in up to 36 operatories; prioritize them based on specific needs; automatically page any required healthcare professionals; and alert them to their next destination.

PatientTracker turns your clinic into a virtual workplace, functional in any room equipped with a PC and updated in real-time. Each operatory is represented graphically on the application, and every healthcare worker chooses his or her own icon ó called an Avatar ó and corresponding paging tone.

Best of all, Patient Tracker is intuitive and simple. Itís a program so easy to install, and so quick to use, youíll wonder how you ever managed without it.

For less than the cost of a single x-ray PatientTracker can save you and your staff valuable time and energy, and quite possibly increase the number of daily appointments you can schedule.

Now you have an important healthcare decision to make:
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